Monday, March 28, 2011

"How to Sleep"

"How to Sleep"

Child in the womb,
Or saint on a tomb -
Which way shall I lie
To fall asleep?
The keen moon stares
From the back of the sky,
The clouds are all home
Like driven sheep.

Bright drops of time,
One and two chime,
I turn and lie straight
With folded hands;
Convent-child, Pope,
They choose this state,
And their minds are wiped calm
As sea-levelled sands.

So my thoughts are:
But sleep stay as far,
Till I crouch on one side
Like a foetus again-
For sleeping, like death,
Must be won without pride,
With a nod from nature,
With a lack of strain,
And a loss of stature. 

                                                Philip Larkin

Marc Chagall. (from the galler exposition " Il mondo sottosopra" - "The world upside dowm").

It is really hard

It is really hard to decide how could I begin this blog. Maybe  with a paint by Degas, as my favourit artist from the Impressionism movement, or maybe Magritte since "la pipe" on the background of the page is one of his famous art work. Or may be, give some credit to Oscar Wilde and the motto that portrayed the idea of the Aesthetic movement "Art for Art's Sake". Or start from the end, from today world and art, technology that matches society and art and create something that might be not completly rationale and unique.  
I think I will simply follow the flow of my thoughts, kind of stream of consciuosness process. The renunciation to any chronological order in favour of free association.