Monday, April 4, 2011

"The wave"

paul-gauguin-the-wave by MorCheebs
paul-gauguin-the-wave, a photo by MorCheebs on Flickr.

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  1. "The wave" by Paul Gauguin (1888)is one of my favourite paintings from Gauguin. I love the unnatural colours that the artist uses in all his paintings and here, for instance, the beach is red with a bit of orange. Eventhough it is not natural, it gives the idea of warm, the idea of a something unique, somewhere in the world.
    The wave, also represents the impact that the japanese style had on Gauguin's art: the black circular lines showed the moto of the waves, give direction and power to the wave itself. Gauguin's style to delimited every subjects of his paintings with a black line, make up a controversy in identify him as an impressionist. In fact, the Impressionism, avoided the use of any borders, the boundaries between objects, were possible with a combination of colours and quick brushwork.
    The wave makes me feel relax when I look at the upper side of it, at the sea and its colours, pink, blue/green, yellow/white. The water seems calm, flat a rainbow in the sea. Then, all of a sudden, the wave: the water is gathering all the power, energy and throw it on the beach, without a specific reason, just to let it go.

    Like life. We put so much effort in what we like/care not for a specific reason, but because we enjoy it, enjoy the feeling of doing something the best we can.