Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dávid Merényi

Hi guys,
Today May 10, 2011 at 00:21 am, I have the very big honor to present in this blog a great artist, a great friend, a great mushroom! Moreover, a great person.
Seven years ago in high school I got to know a blonde, tiny, boy; not messy or noisy. The one that doesn't like gossip nor chatting, the kind of person who does not open his mouth just because.
Drawing was his passion and that was what let me know his person better. I have this picture of David impressed in my mind: a skinny dude bent on the school desk focus on a piece of paper; and when he takes a break to check that everything is ok, he starts moving his feet as if he is playing an invisible drum, following a rhythm that is only in his head.
You can try to call him… yes you can, let me just wish you Good luck!. Perhaps might sound obvious but David is that kind of person who express himself through his paintings. I mean, you can try to talk with him, ask him question, discuss any kind of topic, you can certainly do it… again, let me wish you, Good luck! He's as complicated as brilliant! It may take an hour or more to get to the point of the discussion, and I'm not referring to any philosophical issue although I had the pleasure to talk about it with him, but, once you reach it, you're simply thankful to have started that conversation.
Anyway, I already talked too much about Mr. David Mereny . Although I just said that it is better take a look at his paintings and try to understand him through them, I asked him some questions, just to give you a brief introduction of himself from his point of view.

Dávid Merényi

1)When and why have you decided to be an artist (painter)? 
Well, i decided to try to get in the university in the summer of 2009 and they took me, then i started to realize what i am going to do actually, to understand how does it work and how beautiful is this.

2)Do you think paint is a successful way to communicate a message? 
Yeah, i think that in some way there could be connections between the art object and the observer subject( public),and the paintings can not only communicate messages but even feelings, emotions, they can touch your soul if you can reach a particular state of mind, if you can be vulnerable and naked enough.

3)Art, like society, developed and change. Today it is possible to use many different devices to make art: Design seems the future of paint and technologies the next step of sculpture. Do you think that "classic" art, like paint, still plays an important role? 
Yeah, we live in the 21 century, and it is important to understand the present we're living in, we shouldn't reject technology and we should be opened to these new medias. Some of the ones you've mentioned are the future of art, and who knows what else will come?
I can tell you that "classic" art, as you defined it, will always have privileged role, because of it's tradition and it's consolidated position. Sometimes i ask myself if there has still importance making paintings, if is it the best way i can express myself, and at the end i'm quite sure of it's legitimacy because of it's particular beauty.

4)How would you define your art? Is it close to any movement?
Oh my art?........full of feelings, like an other dimension. You can feel the moment i lived bottled in the picture, preserving it. You can live it again next time, and it has the drama of becoming past and forgotten...is sad from this angle, but optimistic in other ways, because i do my paintings with accuracy, giving my pictures an evocative and ritual atmosphere. People watching them can be the protagonist of the moment, they can be involved and shocked by the feeling of sublime. My paintings should overwhelm the observer, should shake emotions and show how the landscape affected meWell, landscape painting has big tradition and is still present nowadays. Mine can maybe refer to Gauguin, postimpressionism and naive, but from different angle is more realistic and actual.

5) Is there any message/idea behind your paint or every painting has its own story? 
I think that my message can be read only by knowing the complete artwork i'm doing, and in which i'm still at the beginning.
the feeling i want to communicate, is not immediately clear, maybe by an attentive watch it comes up to the observer.
I wish to bring the observer inside my view, my quietude, my calm world, the thing that should transpire is the peace of mind, the deep moment when you are connected with something you're observing,
the emptiness of peace of mind, sometimes even the fear of something beautiful, the feeling of loneliness, of sublime.
This is why i can't renounce to do my paintings with accuracy and devotion, only the tentative for perfection can produce the drama, the enchanting atmosphere of the peace in my mind.
If me at first can reach the ideal status of vulnerability, the transcendent spiritual essence of the landscape will come to m

6)I know that you would like to go to France and follow the "old-school" way of the en plein air style. Why have you decide to follow the traditional footprint?
Because it's the most beautiful thing ever.

That's not all Folks!

If you want to know better my fellow friend/best artist, you can find him on facebook (such a surprise!)



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